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Introduction to the Research Website

The main purpose of this section of the Society's website is to assist researchers in all the different disciplines or fields of study that the Society supports. It is equally available to Members of the Society and to others, and should be useful to people at all levels of expertise in their chosen subjects.

Its main element at present is the Index to the Society's publications. These publications and especially the Proceedings of the Society showcase the research done in the past, by Members and by others.

Please ask at the Museum if you want to discuss projects, or would like to help with access to reference works and appropriate materials and collections.

Some of our specialisms

Sections of the Research site

Collections of the Museum

Special interest groups in no particular order:

See also a longer list HERE. NB: Some of the groups above have their own websites; DNHAS is not responsible for pages outside the domain dorsetcountymuseum.org.

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