Anonymous articles 1900-1999

ANON 1901.01.17: [Lyme Regis, at Middle Hill fields. Boring operations to find coal.] DCCh 79 (4172) 6.
ANON 1901.03.07: [Talk by Dr. Colley March to Dorset Field Club.] A glaciation of Dorset. [Discussion on terraces near Hardy's Monument, which consisted of 2 types of gravel stones striated.] DCCh 79 (4176) 6.
ANON 1901.08.15: [Coal found at Marquis of Salisbury's land at Cranborne, when digging well for watercress beds. Found at 94 ft, 4.5 ins thick.] DCCh 79 (4201) 7.
ANON 1901.08.29: [Talk by Mr. Hudleston to Dorset Field Club. Coal in Dorset and general geology, both in Purbeck area.] DCCh 79 (4203) 4.
ANON 1904: Biography of WH Hudleston. Geol. Mag. 41, 431-8.
ANON 1907: Biography of HG Seeley, JF Walker and W Whitaker. Geol. Mag. 44, 241-53.
ANON 1909: Excursion to Hengistbury Head. 19.06.1909. Proc. Bournemouth Nat. Sci. Soc. 1, 51.
ANON 1909a: Obituary of WH Hudleston 1828-1909. PDNH and AFC 30, civ-cv.
ANON 1909b: Obituary of WH Hudleston. Geol. Mag. 46, 143-4.
ANON 1912: Proceedings. Proc. Bournemouth Nat. Sci. Soc. 3, 51-60.
ANON 1914: Notes on work of geological section 1912-13. Proc. Bournemouth Nat. Sci. Soc. 5, 53-4, 116-17.
ANON 1915: Biography of Aubrey Strahan. Geol. Mag. 52, 193-8.
ANON 1915a: Pres. address re Fisher O, and Jukes-Browne AJ. Q.J. geol. Soc. Lond. 71.
ANON 1923: 'Earthquake shock' Island of Portland. [in reality a cliff fall R. Musson pers. comm.] 16.12.c1735. N and Q Som. and Dorset 17 (113), 139.
ANON 1923a: Nautilus fossil found by Burton E St J In middle Barton Clay. Proc. Bournemouth Nat. Sci. Soc. 14, 48.
ANON 1924.01.17: [Sea invades Chesil. Nothing like it since 1823. Waves filled Brandy Row to bedroom height, with pebbles, sand etc. Victoria Square a lake, then a snow storm.] DCCh 101 (5155) 8.
ANON 1924.02.07: [Oil rumour at Portland - nothing came of it, but it is known that there are oil shale deposits from Portland to Kimmeridge waiting for future generations to produce.] DCCh 101 (5158) 4.
ANON 1924.03.27: [A new stone company, Worth Quarries Ltd. has been formed.] DCCh 101 (5164) 5.
ANON 1924.04.17: [A new private company Kimmeridge Shale and Oil Co. is working the 5000 acres at Kimmeridge using a new secret process to extract the oil and deal with the sulphur. Should be one of the best oil propositions in England.] DCCh 101 (5167) 4.
ANON 1924.04.24: [Sad quarry fatality. 18 yr old man killed by fall of earth and small stones at Seacombe quarries.] DCCh 101 (5168) 5.
ANON 1924.05.15: [Secret of developing Kimmeridge Shale revealed on his death bed by Prof. Burls.] DCCh 101 (5171) 5.
ANON 1924.05.29: [Heavy rains have caused landslide between Lyme Regis and Charmouth at the highest point 400 ft above sea level.] DCCh 101 (5173) 6.
ANON 1924.09.18: [Fall of cliff at Preston, several hundred tons. Near old coastguard station.] DCCh 101 (5189) 8.
ANON 1924.10.02: [Newly made hole 4 ft long, 3 ft wide, 4 ft deep, 7 ft long underground found in New Field on high ridge between Evershot and Rampisham.] DCCh 101 (5192) 6.
ANON 1926.08.16: [Earthquake 15.08.1926 effects Dorset.] Dorset Daily Echo 5.
ANON 1926.08.17: [Earthquake of 15.08.1926.] Dorset Daily Echo 1.
ANON 1926.08.18: [Earthquake of 15.08.1926.] Dorset Daily Echo.
ANON 1927: Sarsen found at Moordown. Proc. Bournemouth Nat. Sci. Soc. 19, 59.
ANON 1931: Geology report. Proc. Bournemouth Nat. Sci. Soc. 23, 45.
ANON 1932.01.14: West Bay gale damage. DCCh 109 (5569) 8.
ANON 1932.01.21: Dorset soils and their treatment. [Re booklet issued by Reading Univ. and DCC.] DCCh 109 (5570) 7.
ANON 1932.05.12: Clay worker injured [by clayfall at Furzebrook mine.] DCCh 109 (5586) 5.
ANON 1947.02.27: [Quarry rates in last century when quarries owned by individuals, not firms.] DCCh 126 (6354) 7.
ANON 1947.03.13: 'It happened in 1847' column. [Landslides in Greenhill cliffs caused by heavy seas.] DCCh 126 (6356) 6.
ANON 1947.03.13a: [Customs of Purbeck quarrymen guarding closed shop.] DCCh 126 (6356) 6.
ANON 1947.03.13b: [Dewlish, bones and teeth of a mammoth found. A 9 ft tusk may be seen at Dorchester Museum.] DCCh 126 (6356) 7.
ANON 1947.03.27: [Geology and history of Lulworth Cove, for tourists.] DCCh 126 (6358) 6.
ANON 1947.05.01: [Frome valley water supply. Meeting to discuss Hooke springs.] DCCh 126 (6363) 12.
ANON 1947.08.28: [Purbeck ball clay mentioned at meeting about getting land back from military to use for agriculture and clay extraction.] DCCh 126 (6380) 9.
ANON 1947.09.18: [Visit to Portland quarries by DNHAS members., Broadcroft being the largest in Europe.] DCCh 126 (6383) 5.
ANON 1947.09.18a: 'It happened in 1847' column. [Fossil remains in Portland quarry of alligator and other bones of animals now confined to tropical countries.] DCCh 126 (6383) 7.
ANON 1948.01.01: [Use of Purbeck stone in 13th century churches.] DCCh 127 (6398) 11.
ANON 1948.02.05: [Swanage quarrymen's dinner in olden days.] DCCh 127 (6403) 1.
ANON 1948.04.01: [Landslides at Worbarrow Bay and Swanage Bay causing problems removing mines.] DCCh 127 (6411) 1.
ANON 1948.06.25: [Purbeck stone quarry has been there 400 years.] DCCh 127 (6423) 7.
ANON 1948.07.08: [Swanage Brick and Tile Co. bricks for County Hall and tower of brewery.] DCCh 127 (6425) 9.
ANON 1948.08.19: [International geologists visit to Dorchester and the coast.] DCCh 127 (6431) 1.
ANON 1948.08.26: [Geologists visit to Dorset. cont.] DCCh 127 (6432) 1.
ANON 1948.09.09: [Exhibition of Purbeck marble and stone at Swanage. Poole pottery, hand made tiles of Godlingston Tileries, and sculptors.] DCCh 127 (6434) 2.
ANON 1948.09.23: [Whether to have a permanent Purbeck stone exhibition.] DCCh 127 (6436) 2.
ANON 1948.09.23a: 'It happened in 1848' column. [Moving Portland stone weighing 232 tons a distance of 30 yards.] DCCh 127 (6436) 9.
ANON 1948.10.14: [Purbeck quarries export high grade stone. Dorset also makes its own bricks and tiles.] DCCh 127 (6439) 9.
ANON 1949: Rept. on the Mineral Development Comm. Cond. 7732, Min. Fuel and Power. HMSO.
ANON 1949.04.07: [Neglect of Purbeck stone. Swanage building houses of imitation stone rather than natural Purbeck.] DCCh 128 (6464) 7.
ANON 1949.07.28: [St. Augustine's spring, Cerne Abbas, known locally as Wishing Well. St. Augustine struck rocks with his staff, spring of water flowed.] DCCh 128 (6480) 7.
ANON 1949.09.08: [Spring near Sutton Poyntz at SW foot of Chalbury, called Boiling Rock.] DCCh 128 (6486) 7.
ANON 1949.09.29: [Broadmayne clay for bricks, particularly fine as it contains iron. Production ceased at beginning of war because of high cost. 25,000 bricks still in one kiln - no coal to fire them.] DCCh 128 (6489) 7.
ANON 1949.10.13: [Apprentices wanted at Purbeck quarries - thought to be a declining industry.] DCCh 128 (6491) 12.
ANON 1949.11.17: [Permission refused for Blagdon sand and gravel workings.] DCCh 128 (6496) 13.
ANON 1950.04.20: [Report of broadcast re Purbeck quarries, Marblers Court rules, and hole where stone for Cathedral was quarried.] DCCh 129 (6518) 5.
ANON 1950.06.01: [Portland quarryman awarded £2000 damages for loss of eye when splinter of stone lodged in it.] DCCh 129 (6524) 8.
ANON 1950.07.13: [Report of finding of 2 fossil elephants 17 ft high, near Dewlish, early in 19th century, after sand was found in mousehole in Chalk hills. ] DCCh 129 (6530) 7.
ANON 1950.08.24: [Spring at Alton Pancras supplies some villagers, but takes 1 hour to fill bucket.] DCCh 129 (6536) 7.
ANON 1950.09.14: [St. Eustatius spring at Ibberton used for reservoir for village.] DCCh 129 (6539) 7.
ANON 1950.10.05: [2 skeletons from 300 BC found in lime quarry being opened in Maiden Newton.] DCCh 129 (6542) 1.
ANON 1952.03.27: [Portland Urban DC may help to pay cost of levelling mounds of quarry waste. In return they would own the land.] DCCh 131 (6619) 6.
ANON 1953.12.03: [No coastal walk at Preston - Osmington Mills because of coastal erosion.] DCCh 132 (6707) 4.
ANON 1957: Quarrying building stone in Dorset. Mining Equipment 8 (12), 35-6.
ANON 1957.07.31: Monster finds in Dorset. Swanage Times
ANON 1958: Obituary of H. Bury. Proc. Bournemouth Nat. Sci. Soc. 48, 22-3.
ANON 1958.11.21: Seahorse fossil. [Oxford Clay ammonite.] DEE.
ANON 1960: Dorset Ball Clay production: two hundredth anniversary. Refractories J. 36 (11) 344-5.
ANON 1962: Obituary of E. St. J. Burton. Proc. Bournemouth Nat. Sci. Soc. 52, 22-3.
ANON 1962a: Automation and diamonds modernise an old craft. Indust. Diamond. Rev. 22 (255), 52-8.
ANON 1962b: The slow march of a Purbeck Iguanodon. New Scientist 271, 186.
ANON 1962c: The quarrying of Portland Stone. Quarry Managers' J. 46 (6), 223-30.
ANON 1962.01.17: Dinosaur footprints. BEE.
ANON 1962.01.18: Dinosaur's tracks in quarry. Times
ANON 1962.02.13: Lyme landslip wrecks three houses and cottage: 14 people evacuated. DEE.
ANON 1962.02.14: [Landslip at Lyme Regis, photo of house and caption.] Daily Telegraph
ANON 1962.05.09: Monster enigma. Swanage Times
ANON 1962.05.11: An Iguanodon theory goes west. Times
ANON 1962.05.22: More footprints of dinosaurs found. BEE
ANON 1962.05.25: More fossil footprints at Swanage. WG
ANON 1962.10.24: Footprints: expert report awaited. Swanage Times
ANON 1963: [Suttles Quarry (Mutton Hole) footprints.] Discovery 24, 8.
ANON 1963a: [Untitled editorial mentioning dinosaur footprint discoveries.] The Diamond News Kimberley, S. Africa. 26 (2), 6.
ANON 1963.04.16: Dinosaur footprints. BEE
ANON 1963.04.16a: Dinosaur 'hunt' goes ahead. DEE
ANON 1963.04.17: Dinosaur prints. Daily Telegraph
ANON 1963.04.19: Monster which roamed 120 million years ago. DEE
ANON 1963.04.25: Big oil rigs 'not needed in Dorset'. DEE
ANON 1963.04.27: Oil exploration in Dorset. BEE
ANON 1963.06.25: Danger - this is a dinosaur path. Daily Sketch
ANON 1963.06.25a: [Dinosaur footprints.] BEE
ANON 1963.06.29: The first men to explore the caves of Portland. DEE
ANON 1963.07.26: Prehistoric prints going to museum. Swanage Times
ANON 1963.12.16: Dorset at the end of the Jurassic period. DEE
ANON 1964: List of exhibits. Proc. Geol. Assoc. 74 (1), 112-15.
ANON 1964a: List of exhibits. Proc. Geol. Assoc. 75 (1), 108-10.
ANON 1964.08.14: The story of oil. DEE
ANON 1965.03.06: Dinosaur trackways in Swanage quarry. DEE
ANON 1965.12.20: Research on Chesil Beach and Fleet water. DEE
ANON 1966.03.18: Geologist [WD Lang] dies at Charmouth. WG
ANON 1966.[03].??: Geologist is mourned at Charmouth. DEE
ANON 1966.12.16: Surprise witness tells of Chesil in the Ice Age. DEE
ANON 1967.07.21: Where a dinosaur walked. BEE, 43.
ANON 1967: Footprints find for Edinburgh. Swanage Times A report for 1967-8.
ANON 1968.01.04: Fossil may be 165 million years old. [Lias fish] Daily Telegraph
ANON 1969: Obituary of Helen Marguerite Muir-Wood 1895-1968. Proc. geol. Soc. Lond. 1655, 123-5.
ANON 1969a: Obituary of Alfred Harold Taitt 1903-1968. Proc. geol. Soc. Lond. 1655, 127-8.
ANON 1970.11.20: New search for oil in Dorset. 2nd drilling at White Horse Hill. [Exploration boreholes sunk by Sun Oil.] DEE
ANON 1971.03.05: Portland prehistoric beach gets a clean up. DEE
ANON 1971.05.04: Valley water supply is 'not limitless'. DEE
ANON 1972.05.26: Dorset C.P.R.E. and oil-drilling. WG
ANON 1973.01.13: Students to probe cliff stability. DEE
ANON 1973.02.22: Battle of Chesil. DEE
ANON 1973.02.23: Beach is fragile - expert. DEE
ANON 1973.02.23a: Hands off the Chesil Beach - inquiry call. WG
ANON 1973.08.03: No more pebble picking at Chesil Beach. WG
ANON 1973.11.30: Valley mystery. Stream suddenly vanished. DEE
ANON 1974.05.14: Clay: a tidal wave of protest. DEE
ANON 1974.07.12: Arne Clay worth £800m in goods, company chief tells objectors. WG
ANON 1974.09.27: New setback for Dorset Ball Clay plan. DEE
ANON 1974.11.15: Sarsen stone survey. WG
ANON 1976.08.20: Fossil skull defined as new species. DEE
ANON 1976.10.17: John plunges into prehistoric days. DEE
ANON 1977.02.26: Arne clay work can start. DEE
ANON 1977.03.15: Clamp on fossil mining. DEE
ANON 1977.06.21: Cliff fall rescue - with a difference. DEE
ANON 1977.08.18: A stroll into the past changed Simon's life. DEE
ANON 1977.08.19: Skull of an Ice Age ox found. WG
ANON 1977.09.28: 'Monster park' plan causes stir. DEE
ANON 1978: The Sherborne School Museum Collection. GCG Newsltr. 2 (3), 121.
ANON 1978a: Philpot collection. GCG Newsltr. 2 (3), 121.
ANON 1978c: Deeper oil at Wytch Farm. Noroil 6 (7), 66.
ANON 1978.01.03: Big hit in Dorset oil search. Daily Telegraph
ANON 1978.01.07: UK in a flurry over onshore find. Oilman
ANON 1978.02.00: [Gas seepage off Anvil point reported] Triton 57.
ANON 1978.03.03: Rock of Ages [Simon Cohen's fossil shop.] DEE
ANON 1978.04.24: Bid to curb the fossil hunters. DEE
ANON 1978.05.04: Dorset oil strike four times bigger than expected. Daily Telegraph
ANON 1978.05.08: Boreholes to be sunk in valley [of Frome]. DEE
ANON 1978.06.23: Move to licence fossil hunters. WG
ANON 1978.06.27: Fossil hunters are angry over 'penalty'. DEE
ANON 1978.09.15: Dorset oil to be stepped up. Daily Telegraph
ANON 1978.11.22: Research group attack flood gully proposal. DEE
ANON 1979: Inferior Oolite. [Home sought for sample collection from 61 exposures over a wide area including Sherborne Dorset, maps, photos, field notebook.] GCG Newsltr. 2 (6), 372.
ANON 1979.05.02: Fossils prove a big holiday draw. DEE
ANON 1979.08.10: Dorset's treasure trove of fossils. WG
ANON 1979.08.26: Flood 'could hit Chiswell again'. Observer
ANON 1979.09.17: Harbour oil bid go-ahead? [Goathorn] DEE
ANON 1979.09.28: Go-ahead given for Goathorn oil tests. WG
ANON 1979.10.09: 'No rush' to start oil drilling at Goathorn. DEE
ANON 1979.11.07: More inland oil promised. Daily Telegraph
ANON 1979.11.17: Exhibition looks at oil in Dorset. DEE
ANON 1979.11.20: Oil equipment goes on show at Dorchester. DEE
ANON 1979.11.23: Exhibition of oil. WG
ANON 1979.12.13: New plans for oil. [Bushey Farm and Worgret] DEE
ANON 1980: Clarke, Rev. William Branwhite [of Stanley Green, nr Poole, Dorset.] GCG Newsltr. 2 (7), 434-5.
ANON 1980a: Where is it now? GCG Newsltr. 2 (7), 436-7.
ANON 1980b: Big onshore oil find confirmed. Tracer's Exogram and Oil and Gas Review 26 (17), 26-7.
ANON 1980.01.16: Rig on the cliffs [Kimmeridge]. Times
ANON 1980.02.05: Pebble operation move is 'reasonable compromise'. DEE
ANON 1980.02.08: Future decision on Chesil Beach. WG
ANON 1980.03.05?: By products from Dorset oil field will include gas. DEE
ANON 1980.04.09: Oilmen hit snag with Kimmeridge search. DEE
ANON 1980.05.21: BP finds hydrocarbons in deep onshore well. Financial Times North Sea Letter and European Offshore Review (245) 12.
ANON 1980.06.04: Oil rigs on the doorstep? [Poole Bay] DEE
ANON 1980.06.06: Oil rigs could dominate Purbeck holiday beaches. WG
ANON 1980.07.05: Oil: 'Time to take stock'. [Worgret and Kingston Barn] DEE
ANON 1980.08.04: Yes - it's oil at Goathorn. BEE
ANON 1980.08.05: New Dorset oil strike should produce 60 million barrels. [Wytch Farm field] DEE
ANON 1980.08.12: Power station drilling gets under way. [Langton Herring] DEE
ANON 1980.09.05: Oil exploration switch set. DEE
ANON 1980.09.05a: Cowboy fossil hunters risking death. DEE
ANON 1980.09.10: Council could ban fossil hunters. DEE
ANON 1980.09.12: Oil search extends to Brownsea. WG
ANON 1980.09.17: Fleet drill [borehole near Ferrybridge]. DEE
ANON 1980.09.23: £5m plan to curb the cruel sea. [Chesil Beach/Chiswell] DEE
ANON 1980.09.24: Water, water everywhere! [Water flooding Weymouth sewer outfall tunnel under Fleet.] DEE
ANON 1980.09.25: Chiswell flood plan gets the 'thumbs-up'. DEE
ANON 1980.10.02: Dorset oil search setback. [Kimmeridge] DEE
ANON 1980.10.17: Stony reception for Chesil Beach idea. WG
ANON 1980.10.18: Searching for turtle stones. [Septarian nodules for tables] DEE?
ANON 1980.10.21: It's a super fossil find. DEE
ANON 1980.11.20: Town [Wareham] sitting on double oil lake? DEE
ANON 1980.11.25: More oil and gas surveys. [West Dorset] DEE
ANON 1980.12.03: Protests over oil search [Wytch Farm] DEE
ANON 1980.12.10: Erosion danger to Chesil Beach. DEE?
ANON 1980.12.12: Compromise sought over oil drill site. [Wytch Farm] DEE
ANON 1981: A big piece of the past! Dorch. Mail (Autumn).
ANON 1981.02.09: Oil search moves to West Dorset. DEE
ANON 1981.02.19: Oil wells permit sought. [Goathorn] DEE
ANON 1981.03.02: Steel mesh basket plan to protect Chesil Beach. DEE
ANON 1981.03.11: Go-ahead for more Dorset oil surveys. [Goathorn wells and seismic surveys.] DEE
ANON 1981.03.13: Permission for more oil surveys. [Goathorn wells and seismic surveys.] WG?
ANON 1981.03.16: 'Devastating effect' if new oil search goes ahead. [Fitzworth Point] DEE
ANON 1981.03.20: Plan for beach given thumbs-up. WG
ANON 1981.04.06: Planners support Chesil experiment. DEE
ANON 1981.04.18: New plan for oil exploration. [Arne] DEE
ANON 1981.04.19: Concern over clay mining plans. DEE
ANON 1981.04.28: Oil search in Bridport area. [Seismic surveys] DEE
ANON 1981.04.29: Gravel extraction 'catastrophic'. DEE
ANON 1981.05.23: Oil company surveying [Weymouth] bay. DEE
ANON 1981.05.28: 'Curb fossil hunters'. DEE
ANON 1981.05.29: Them bones, them bones.. DEE.
ANON 1981.06.00: Crime to collect fossils? WG and GCG Newsltr 3 (2 and 3), 161.
ANON 1981.06.05: Fossil-hunting ban may be extended. DEE
ANON 1981.06.27: Councillors back oil drilling plans. [Kingston Barn, Fitzworth Point, Arne] DEE
ANON 1981.06.27a: Dorset oil row - gasmen told to sell out. DEE
ANON 1981.06.30: Planning officer recommends exploratory oil wells go-ahead. [Kingston Barn, Fitzworth Point, Arne] DEE
ANON 1981.07.00: 'Enigmatic Lion guards a secret.' Finesse 10 (Newsletter of Szerelmey (UK) Ltd., London.
ANON 1981.07.11: Purbeck oil could be piped to Fawley. DEE
ANON 1981.07.31: Sea wall goes ahead. [Furzy cliffs] DEE
ANON 1981.08.11: Plans for further oil drilling tests. [Waddock Cross] DEE
ANON 1981.08.20: More dinosaur prints found. Swanage Times
ANON 1981.08.21: Dinosaur prints unearthed. Times.
ANON 1981.08.21a: When dinosaurs roamed through Dorset. DEE.
ANON 1981.08.21b: Dinosaur prints found. BEE.
ANON 1981.08.21c: Dinosaur footprints find is significant. WG.
ANON 1981.08.21d: Dinosaurs at Dave's. Daily Express.
ANON 1981.08.22: Builder digs up giant lizard fight. Daily Mail.
ANON 1981.08.25: Dinosaur causes space problem! DEE.
ANON 1981.09.02: Search for oil heads inland. [Waddock Cross] DEE
ANON 1981.09.02a: Licences for the fossil hunters? DEE
ANON 1981.09.03: Work starts on lifting the prints. Swanage Times
ANON 1981.09.05: Dorset oil search moves westwards. [Waddock Cross] DEE
ANON 1981.09.07: Go-ahead for three more oil wells. [Goathorn and seismic work] DEE
ANON 1981.09.12: Everyone's talking about those dinosaurs. DEE.
ANON 1981.09.12a: Dinosaur prints. Daily Telegraph.
ANON 1981.10.00: Dinosaurs in Dorchester. Dorch. County Post 1.
ANON 1981.11.07: Drilling to solve oil lake riddle. [Kimmeridge] DEE
ANON 1981.11.27: [Chesil Beach coast protection, photo and text.] DEE
ANON 1981.12.02: Dinosaurs discovery. Dorch. County Post 3.
ANON 1982: Symposium on shoreline protection, Highcliffe. in press!!!!!
ANON 1982.01.13: New oil probe. [Arne] DEE
ANON 1982.01.30: Planners defer oil decision. [Arne] DEE
ANON 1982.02.08: Test for new policy on oil exploration. [Arne] DEE
ANON 1982.02.24: New hunt for oil 'reservoir'. [Kimmeridge] DEE
ANON 1982.03.01: UK's Wytch Farm field reserves hiked. Oil and Gas J. 80 (9), 49.
ANON 1982.03.08: Oil search moves to West Dorset. [Seismic surveys] DEE
ANON 1982.03.09: No to oil exploration near bird reserve. [Arne] DEE
ANON 1982.03.12: Drilling for oil at Arne forbidden. WG
ANON 1982.03.29: Showdown likely over Dorset oil drilling. DEE
ANON 1982.04.05: No to oil drilling in bird reserve. [Arne] DEE
ANON 1982.04.22: Sea defence consultants change mind on Portland Stone. DEE
ANON 1982.04.23: Assurance over North Dorset oil-drilling. DEE
ANON 1982.04.28: Of shipwrecks and dinosaurs. DEE.
ANON 1982.06.07: Oil drilling plan alarms village. [Spetisbury over Charlton Marshall borehole] DEE
ANON 1982.06.12: Boreholes will probe drainage route. [15 ft - 45 ft boreholes at Wyke Regis.] DEE
ANON 1982.08.02: For sale - half an oilfield. [Wytch] DEE
ANON 1982.09.08: 'A major oil boost for Dorset on the way'. [Wytch Farm] DEE
ANON 1982.09.10: Purbeck oil production may soar. WG
ANON 1982.09.10a: Part ban on fossil hunters? WG
ANON 1982.09.13: New move to control the fossil hunters. DEE
ANON 1982.10.08: More mining at Purbeck. [Ball Clay] WG
ANON 1982.12.09: Beach probe speeded up. DEE
ANON 1983.02.05: Committee urge ban on Chesil gravel digging. DEE
ANON 1983.02.18: Gravel extraction to continue. [West Bay] WG
ANON 1983.02.18a: Test hole plan at Chesil Beach. WG
ANON 1983.03.04: Amazing crystal gem bequeathed to museum. Quarryman's hidden heirloom goes on display. DEE
ANON 1983.03.11: Oil probe benefit for Dorset. [Poole Bay] WG
ANON 1983.03.11a: Year at least of West Bay extractions. WG
ANON 1983.03.16: Sea defence scheme goes ahead. DEE
ANON 1983.03.25: Another Dorset oil strike? [Waddock Cross] WG
ANON 1983.03.30: Gravel extraction goes on. [Chesil Beach] DEE
ANON 1983.04.00: Dinosaur left its mark. [Inaccurate report on Townsend Road site, Swanage 1981.] WG
ANON 1983.04.09: Anger at gravel digging decision. [West Bay] DEE
ANON 1983.04.12: Flooding can still occur. [Chiswell] DEE
ANON 1983.04.15: Offshore rigs facing 'storm'. [Poole Bay] WG
ANON 1983.04.15a: Plans in case of oil mishap. [Offshore exploration - Poole Bay] WG
ANON 1983.04.16: New oil well search planned. [N. Dorset] DEE
ANON 1983.04.29: Portland sea defences progress. WG
ANON 1983.05.07: Search for Dorset oil continues. [Seismic surveys, Isle of Purbeck] DEE
ANON 1983.05.21: A cliff fall blocks beach. [Overcombe] DEE
ANON 1983.06.03: More facts about clay working. [Sherford Bridge] WG
ANON 1983.06.03a: Borings put village on the alert. [Sturminster Marshall] WG
ANON 1983.06.09: First gravel workings from the Stour valley. DEE
ANON 1983.06.14: Oil wells: renewed planning permission sought. [Kingston Barn and Fitzworth Farm] DEE
ANON 1983.06.24: Work to protect gas supply. [Portland landslip] WG
ANON 1983.07.01: Dorset sand for the rock. WG
ANON 1983.07.06: Bid for more mining in Purbeck is rejected. [Sherford Bridge, Gore Heath] DEE
ANON 1983.07.07: Extraction plan 'case not made'. [Sherford Bridge, Gore Heath, sand and ball clay extraction.] DEE
ANON 1983.08.08: Chesil Beach probe under way. DEE
ANON 1983.09.29: Clash between oil and the National Trust? DEE
ANON 1983.10.17: Farmers protest over oil search. [Stour valley SE of Blandford] DEE
ANON 1983.10.18: Company to seek oil go-ahead. [Mappowder] DEE
ANON 1983.12.24: Scientific reason for flooding. [Chiswell 1978/79] DEE
ANON 1984: Wytch Farm development plans proposed. Petroleum Times 88 (2177) July/Aug. 8.
ANON 1984.01.06: Dorset could be England's Dallas. WG
ANON 1984.01.09: 'No more gravel digging'. [Chesil Beach and Seatown] DEE
ANON 1984.01.10: Warning to BP over Heritage Coast exploration. DEE
ANON 1984.01.12: Poole Harbour island sold to oil firm. [Furzey] DEE
ANON 1984.01.12a: Giant tusk 'catch' for fisherman. [Reported as ?elephant or mammoth tusk - in reality a whale jawbone] DEE
ANON 1984.03.23: Council's turn-around over pebble picking; decision could end all extraction from Chesil Beach. DEE
ANON 1984.04.13: Oilmen extend probe area. [Charlton Marshall, Mappowder] DEE
ANON 1984.04.13a: Two year lease for new oil sites. [Charlton Marshall, Gorcombe Farm; Mappowder] WG
ANON 1984.04.27: Rock of Ages best left where Nature put it. [Proposed Charmouth Heritage Coast Centre] WG
ANON 1984.06.16: It's back to the days of the dinosaurs. [Dinosaur Museum] DEE
ANON 1984.06.27: Dinosaurs in Dorchester. [Dinosaur Museum] DEE
ANON 1984.06.29: Where time stands still. [Opening of dinosaur museum] DEE
ANON 1984.07.03: BP plans massive expansion of Wytch oilfield. DEE
ANON 1984.07.11: Prehistoric find is 'one of the best'. [Portland plesiosaur] DEE
ANON 1984.07.11a: Open-cast ball clay mining plan is approved. DEE
ANON 1984.07.18: Conservationists are angry over quarrying. [Portland] DEE
ANON 1984.08.03: [Aerial photo and caption re coast protection works at Overcombe, Weymouth.] DEE
ANON 1984.08.30: Dorset oilfield [Wytch] expansion plans 'a major challenge'. DEE
ANON 1984.10.31: Peninsula [Studland] oil well site poser. DEE
ANON 1984.11.19: Uproar at spread of oil rigs across the south. Daily Telegraph, 12.
ANON 1984.12.17: BP group plans 10-fold hike in Wytch Farm flow. Oil and Gas J. 82 (51), 56-7.
ANON 1985: Worlds oldest moth revealed. Press release of BM (NH), January, in Geological Curator 4 (2), 106.
ANON 1985a: Thomas Charles Maggs (c.1824-1900) of Yeovil, Somerset. Geological Curator 4 (4), 225-6.
ANON 1985.01.08: Site for oil wells? [Aerial photo and caption, Wytch] DEE
ANON 1985.01.15: Fossil [moth]. DEE
ANON 1985.02.02: New Heritage Coast Centre [Charmouth]. DEE
ANON 1985.02.27: Settle oil question now. [Editorial on Wytch Farm] DEE
ANON 1985.03.19: Planners hold key to oilfield boom. [Wytch Farm] DEE
ANON 1985.04.01: BP pledge on plan to drill island. [Furzey] DEE
ANON 1985.04.13: Key oil expansion in conservation area is approved. [Wytch Farm] DEE
ANON 1985.04.15: Oil barons seek new Dorset sites in countryside. [Stour Provost, Provost Farm, Batcombe, Ryme Intrinseca] DEE
ANON 1985.04.19: Furzey oil probe gets the go-ahead. WG
ANON 1985.06.08: Planners say yes to oil boreholes. [Ryme Intrinseca; Batcombe] DEE
ANON 1985.06.14: Oilmen move to new fields. [Ryme Intrinseca, Frome St. Quintin = Batcombe] WG
ANON 1985.06.14a: Oil drilling plan protests. [Martinstown] WG
ANON 1985.07.12: 'Black gold bonus sets BP a task'. [Wytch Farm] WG
ANON 1985.08.01: Jobs depend on gravel digging - inquiry told. [Cogden Beach] DEE
ANON 1985.08.08: 'Shingle removal [at Seatown] putting my home at risk'. says actress. DEE
ANON 1985.08.09: Pebble ban jobs threatened. WG
ANON 1985.08.09a: Warning of cliff erosion. [Seatown] DEE
ANON 1985.09.06: Oil well certain to start. [Martinstown] WG
ANON 1985.09.10: Storm of protest over well access. [Martinstown] DEE
ANON 1985.09.12: Search for oil draws a blank. [Stour Provost] DEE
ANON 1985.09.13: Search for oil continuing. [Poole Harbour and east Dorset] WG
ANON 1985.09.13a: Planners to visit controversial sites. [Martinstown, Herringstone Estate] WG
ANON 1985.10.05: BP given go-ahead for new oil well. DEE
ANON 1985.10.08: Goathorn well site. DEE
ANON 1985.10.17: The hunt goes on ..... [Ryme Intrinseca, Batcombe, Martinstown, Waddock Cross, Charlton Marshall, Stour Provost] DEE
ANON 1985.11.13: BP want to sink trial well at Chickerell. DEE
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ANON 1986.02.07: Judge will decide on BP oil bid. [Wytch Farm] DEE
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ANON 1986.03.21: Museum [Lyme Regis] is still top attraction. [Impact of new fossil museum.] Bridport and Lyme Regis News
ANON 1986.07.00: Prehistoric treasures at new fossil museum. [Dinosaurland] Bridport and W Dorset Holiday Guide.
ANON 1986.07.00a: Man with a mission. [Barney Hansford] Bridport and W Dorset Holiday Guide.
ANON 1986.07.00b: A treasure trove of past relics at Centre. Bridport and W Dorset Holiday Guide.
ANON 1986.07.07: BP's probe [Intent to drill new well at Kimmeridge.] DEE
ANON 1986.09.26: Purbeck councillors object to oil scheme. [Wytch] DEE
ANON 1986.09.26a: Mystery tremors at Portland. DEE.
ANON 1986.10.29: Doubt over museum [Barney's Fossil Exhibition] after owner's death. DEE
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ANON 1987.06.18: Oilfield expansion gets go-ahead. [Wytch] DEE
ANON 1987.10.30: Heritage Coast Centre [Charmouth] against 'cliff' hunting. Bridport and Lyme Regis News

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