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This work would not be in print but for much support and hard work from many colleagues and friends. In the early stages Mrs M. N. Lamerton twice produced typescript of the author card-index and this provided the foundation of so much of the checking and searching which followed. Those listed below have variously searched through thousands of centimetres of newpaper text, gleaned references from books, commented on existing, and provided additional, references, read proofs, typed letters, and generated indices.

Mrs M. Allen, Miss J. Barton, Mrs D. Bateman, Mrs M. Bennett, Mr J. B. Delair, Miss V. Dicker, Miss S. Donovan, Mr E. Grace, Mrs C. Harte, Mr J. Harte, Lt Commander D. B. Jeffery, Miss R. Lansom, the late Mrs F. Longworth, Mr and Mrs C. Marsden, Miss S. Matthews, Mr R. Musson, Mrs H. Painter, Mr R. N. R. Peers, Mr S. Riley, Miss S. Roberts, Mr S. Roles, Mrs S. Taylor, the late Mrs M. Tompkins, Dr H. S. Torrens, Miss J. Vale, Mr C. Van der Vyver, Dr I. West, Mrs P. White, Dr W. A. Wimbledon and Miss M. J. Wood-Homer. Many others have contributed unwittingly and we thank them all. In addition the Dorset County Library, Southampton University, Sedgwick and Cambridge University Libraries and Oxford University Museum library have all assisted and we thank their respective staffs for their kindness and help.

Mike King has patiently handled the plethora of questions and problems which two computer novices have thrown in his direction and despite everything has transformed our discs to something a printer can cope with. He remains a good and cheerful friend. Jo Draper, the Honorary Editor of the Dorset Proceedings, has been a constant help and fount of knowledge, guiding us through the ins and outs of publishing. Last and far from least we thank our spouses and families for their forbearance while we have pursued our elusive ends.

The compilers and the Dorset Natural History & Archaeological Society are immensely grateful to the Royal Society and the West Dorset District Council for their generous grants which have made publication of this bibliography and index possible. JT is also most grateful to the Open University for a grant from the Crowther Fund to assist with travelling expenses during the initial literature search.

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