Contents of volume 112

for 1990, published 1991

Matthew Chubb of Dorchester: rapacious moneylender and benevolent philanthropist, JH Bettey, 1-4
Boundaries and landscape in Blackmoor: the Tudor manors of Holnest, Katherine Barker and Dennis R Seaward, 5-22
Excavation of the 17th century kiln at Horton, Dorset, Penny Copland-Griffiths and Christine Butterworth, 23-32
The church of St Rumbold, Cann, Shaftesbury, Dorset, Shaftesbury and District Archaeological Group, 33-42
Excavations at the parish church of All Saints, Chalbury, Dorset 1989, Teresa Hall, 43-50
The South Walks tunnel sewer, Dorchester: archaeological watching-brief, Susan M Davies and David E Farwell, 51-56
Excavations at Whitcombe, 1965-1967, GM and GN Aitken, 57-94
A temporary section in the Gault at Fontmell Magna, North Dorset, CR Bristow and HG Owen, 95-97
The Kimmeridge Clay of the Darknoll Brook, Okeford Fitzpaine, Dorset, CR Bristow and BM Cox, 99-103
Dorset Dolines, part 1: the Higher Kingston Road cutting, Michael R House, 105-108
Chesil Beach, changes in crest height 1969-1990, Alan P Carr and Dennis R Seaward, 109-112
Dorset Archaeology in 1990
Recently discovered handaxes from East Dorset, Martin T Green, 113-4
The Stour Valley gravels project, 1990 interim report, DR Watkins and KW Collins, 114
A new ring ditch in Woodlands parish, John Milner and Martin T Green, 114
Lewell Farm, West Knighton, PJ Leach, 114
Warmwell Quarry, West Knighton, PJ Leach, 114-5
Lambert's Castle, Marshwood, West Dorset, MJ Lester, 115
Poundbury farm track, Dorchester, Dorset, Susan M Davies, 115
Excavations at Charles Street (Wessex Court), Dorchester: interim note on Stage 2, October-December 1990, Neil J Adam, 115-7
Romano-British building remains at Shapwick, Martin Papworth, 117
A Roman building in Gussage St Andrew, Martin T Green, 117
Bucknowle Farm, Corfe Castle, 1990, J Collins, N Field and A Light, 117-9
A Roman building and mediaeval earthworks near Woodyates Manor, Martin T Green, 119
A Saxon strap-end from Tarrant Crawford, Laurence Keen, 119
Kingston Lacy manorial buildings, Sarah Bridges and Martin Papworth, 119-122
Gillingham Relief Road, Dorset: summary of excavations 1990, M Heaton and S Lobb, 122
Black Barn Farm, Chalbury, PJ Leach, 122
Wimborne Minster, Joshua Hull, Steven Membery, John Percival and Robert Waterhouse, 122
Deans Court, Wimborne, Alex Jones, 122-3
Mediaeval floor-tile from Shaftesbury, MS Ross, 123
Decorated floor-tile from Winterborne Came, Laurence Keen, 123
Archaeological assessment at Manor Farm, Wyke Regis, Dorset, Roland Smith, 123
Toller Porcorum, Alan Hunt, 123-4
Stratton, Alan Hunt and Tim Sutherland, 124-5
Corfe Castle excavations 1990: interim report, David Thackray and Martin Papworth, 125
Woolcombe, Alan Hunt, 125-7
Hamworthy observations, Kevin W Collins, 127
Wareham Oilfield, Wareham, Duncan Coe and John Hawkes, 127-8
Parley Court Farm near Christchurch, Duncan Coe and John Hawkes, 128
29 High Street, Wimborne Minster, Duncan Coe and John Hawkes, 128
Aerial photography: new sites, F Radcliffe, G Romanes and C Pinder, 128
Shorter Contributions
The excavation of a cremation burial on Little Piddle Down, Piddlehinton, Martin Papworth and Ann Woodward, 129-131
Archaeological investigation following the discovery of a hoard of palstaves near New Inn Farmhouse, Marnhull, Dorset, AJ Lawson and DE Farwell, 131-138
Spolia Opima at Horton, P Copland-Griffiths, 138-139
Some mediaeval pottery at Shaftesbury, Paul Stoerry, 139-141
Medieval and post-medieval millstones from The Old Malthouse, Abbotsbury, Dorset, Alan H Graham and DL Farmer, 141-142
A second Bastard Barometer, Polly Legg, 142-145
A tale of two pulpits, Jo Draper, 145-146
Long Cross brickworks, Shaston (Shaftesbury) St James, Dorset, MS Ross, 146-149
A named bread-bin from Verwood, Jo Draper, 150
Natural History Reports 1990
Geology, MR House, 151
Botany, D Pearman, 151-153
Marine invertebrates, JB Hawthorne, 154
Land arthropods, NR Webb, 154-156
Hoverflies, ET and DA Levy, 156
Lepidoptera, Alan T Bromby, 156-157
Butterflies in Purbeck, JLR Baiss, 157
Amphibians and reptiles, Robert V Skinner, 158-159
Bird report, PM Harris, 159-160
Rookery study, EFC Coetzee, 160-161
Song frequency of the Nightjar, AS Norris, 161
Mammals, EM Keats, 161-163
Rainfall, DJ Paxman, 164-166
Philip George Heyworth Hopkins, 167
John Ruston, 168-169
Joan Clairmont Walton, 169-170
Walter F Wright, 170
Index, 171-173

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