Mansel-Pleydell and Cecil competition essays

The history of the Mansel-Pleydell and Cecil essay prizes is the subject of ongoing research. The present list of essays is based on a typescript list of 'Mansel-Pleydell competition prizewinners', originally compiled about 2006, probably by the late Eileen Dickson. (A copy of this list is kept (March 2017) in a ring-binder labelled 'Dorset Subjects M-P' in case M of the DNHAS library, second shelf from bottom.) Later work is by John Palmer, who thanks Ann Smith and Hilary Over, successive secretaries of the Trusts, for their help and encouragement. Prizes awarded in memory of C. D. Drew are also listed if known. Abbreviations and conventions are explained at the end.

YearCompetitionWinner?AuthorSubjectPublication, and other references
Dec. 1904: establishment of the MP and Cecil trust reported in detail in Proc. 26, xxix-xxxiii. Transcript of the text here.
aw.1906MPyesW. Parkinson CurtisThe Ringed PloverJan.1907, Proc. 27,188-213; mentioned ibid. p.xxxvi
aw.1906CecilyesErnest W. ShortElectricity as applied to household purposesTS 46pp foolscap, figs, tables, illus, Box: DS:Industries 5(T-Z): Technology, item 8; mentioned Proc. 27,xxxvi
set,1906 aw.1907MPnoneno entriesAncient campsmentioned Proc. 28,xli
aw.1907CecilyesBertie James EatonChemistry as applied to sanitation and domestic purposesmentioned Proc. 28,xli
set,1907 aw,pr.1908MPyesMiss L. TowersThe distribution of living plants in relation to the different geological formations in DorsetJan.1909, Proc. 29,119-125; presented at AGM in 1908, ibid. p.xlvi, described as "for 1907"
set,1907 aw.1908MPnoEllen E. Woodhouseas abovementioned at AGM May 1908 Proc. 29,xlvi
aw.1908Cecilnoneno entries?Lord E. Cecil says, Proc. 29,xxxv, that there was no MP or Cecil entry "in 1907"; but as to MP he is clearly wrong
May 1908 Proc. 29,xlvi subjects (MP: architectural styles, Cecil: radium, as below) and closing date (Mar.1909!) set for "1908" competition
set,1908 (Proc.29,xlvi) aw,pr.1909MPyesJem FeaceyThe sequence and evolution of architectural styles in the church of Fordington St GeorgeFeb.1910, Proc. 30,164-195; mentioned ibid. p.xxxviii; also in Bartelot and Feacey, The prebendal church of St George, Fordington, 1909, Dorchester: Dorset County Chronicle (for DNHAS), D:FOR
set,1908 (Proc.29,xlvi) aw,pr.1909CecilyesCyril Douglas DayThe discovery of radiummentioned Proc. 30,xxxviii
rec.1909 aw.1910MPyesW. Theophilus OrdThe geology of the Purbeck HillsMar.1911, Proc. 31,141-160, described as "MP prize 1909-1910"
aw.1910CecilyesGeorge NicholsonElectricity as a motive powermentioned Proc. 31,xxxiv
aw.1911MPnoneno entries?mentioned Proc. 32,xxxviii
aw,pr.1911CecilyesF. Ullathorn WoolnoughDetection of food adulterationmentioned Proc. 32,xxxviii
rec.1911 aw.1912MPyesCyril Douglas DayNatural history of Bhompston Pond1912, Proc. 33,200-231, described as "MP 1912"; mentioned ibid. p.xv-xvi
aw.1912CecilyesEric MoullinWireless telegraphy in commerce and warmentioned Proc. 33,xvi
set?1912 aw.1913MPyesT. E. UsherwoodRoman villas in DorsetProc. 34,216-236; mentioned ibid. p.lii
aw.1913CecilyesCharles RoperKnown sources of petroleum and its productsmentioned Proc. 34,lii
aw.1914CecilyesGeorge NicholsonThe utilization of natural forces for the economical production of electricity ...mentioned Proc. 35,liii
aw.1915CecilyesRonald D'Oyly GoodRadiummentioned Proc. 36,xlvii
rec.1915 aw.1916MPyesEllen E. WoodhousePre-Saxon civilisation in DorsetProc. 37,210-227 described as "MP prize 1915-1916"; mentioned ibid. p.xl
May 1916: No Cecil award mentioned at AGM, Proc. 37,xl
set,May,1916 (Proc.37,xli) aw.May,1917MPnoneno entriesKimmeridge Clayand so, same set subject was reannounced for 1918 award, Proc. 38,xxxix
set,May,1916 (Proc.37,xli) aw.May,1917CecilyesW/o W. Leeming, AIFApplications of electricity in war, esp. in treating diseases and woundsmentioned Proc. 38,xxxv; there were several other entries
May 1918: no MP or Cecil award mentioned at AGM, Proc. 39
aw.1919CecilyesR. A. Lloyd-BarrowExplosives in war from the Crusades to the present warmentioned Proc. 40,xxxv
rec.1919 aw.1920MPyesVere L. OliverTudor houses in DorsetProc. 41,55-91
rec.1919 aw.1920MPhon. mentionJ. S. UdalDorset folklorementioned Proc. 41,xlii
aw.May,1921Cecilnoneunknown whether any entries?mentioned Proc. 42,li
set,1921 (Proc.42,li) aw.1922MPyesF. H. HainesThe distribution of the Order Hymenoptera in DorsetProc.43,65-107; mentioned ibid. p.lxiv
set,1921 (Proc.42,li) aw.1922MPcreditableMr PearceBeetles and Colyoptera (sic)mentioned Proc.43, lxiv
May 1922: no mention of Cecil prize at AGM, Proc. 43
May 1923: no mention of MP or Cecil prize at AGM, Proc. 44
set?1923 aw?1924MPyesJ. S. UdalArmorial bearings in the old houses of DorsetProc. 45,121-173, described there as "MP prize 1924", but not mentioned at AGM 1924 Proc. 45
May 1924: no mention of Cecil prize at AGM, Proc. 45
aw.1925CecilyesE. D. L. WalderBroadcasting, its possibilities and limitationsmentioned Proc. 46,lxiv; ibid. no mention of MP prize
set,1925 aw.1926MPnoneno entriesGeological formation of Purbeck stratamentioned Proc. 47,lxv; ibid. no mention of Cecil prize
May 1927: no mention of MP or Cecil prize at AGM, Proc. 48,lxx
set,1927 aw.1928MPyesR. H. CunningtonThe scenery of Dorset and the geological factors to which it is dueProc. 49,147-189, described there as "MP essay 1928"
set,1927 aw.1928MPno"5 other essays"as abovementioned Proc. 49,lxxx
May 1928: last AGM of DNHAFC, with no mention of Cecil prize, Proc. 49,lxxx; no AGM reported in Proc. 50
Feb.1929: AGM of DNHAS "for" 1928, no mention of MP or Cecil awards, Proc. 51,37-43
rec?1929 pr.Feb.1930MPyesW. R. G. BondProtection of flora and faunaProc. 51,253-276, described there "MP prize 1929", pr. mentioned ibid. p.88-89
Feb.1930: AGM of DNHAS "for" 1929, no Cecil prize mentioned, Proc. 51,88-89
rec?1930 pr.Feb.1931CecilyesArthur George PollardChemistry as applied to medicinementioned Proc. 52,xc-xci noting that the [?Cecil] prize is each other year
rec?1931 pr.Feb.1932MPyesF. L. BlathwaytThe etiology of the occurrence and dispersal of birds in DorsetProc. 54,181-194, described there as "MP prize 1931"; presentation mentioned Proc. 53,xc
rec?1932 pr.Feb.1933Cecilconsolation prizeHilda M. SewardApplication of electricity on the farmmentioned Proc. 54,lxiv; this was the only prize awarded; there were other essays
set,Feb.1933 (Proc.54,lxiv) pr.Feb.1934MPyesE. C. ChancellorThe influence of the Roman occupation on modern DorsetProc.56,22-30, described there as "read 24 Apr 1934" and "MP prize 1934"; mentioned Proc. 55,lvi
set,Feb.1934 (Proc.55,lvi) pr.Feb.1935Cecilconsolation prizeG. G. WhittleGrid electrificationmentioned Proc.56,xxxiv-xxxv; this was the only prize awarded; there were other essays
set,Feb.1934 (Proc.55,lvi) pr.Feb.1936MPnoneno entriesTown and country planningmentioned Proc.57,xxv
set,Feb.1936 (Proc.57,xxv) pr.Feb.1937Cecilconsolation prizeG. D. WhittleHorse and mechanical tractionmentioned Proc. 58,xxvi; this was the only prize awarded; there were other essays
set,Feb.1936 (Proc.57,xxv) pr.Feb.1938MPyesV. F. M. OliverDorset inn signsProc. 60,120-141, described there as "MP prize 1938"; offprint at Box: DS:Industries 1(A-B): Brewing, item 24; mentioned Proc. 59,xxvi
set,Feb.1936 (Proc.57,xxv) pr.Feb.1938MP2ndHazel GrimwoodDorset inn signsmentioned Proc. 59,xxvi
set,Feb.1938 (Proc.59,xxvi) pr.Feb.1939CecilyesE. GarlandLarge farms and smallholdingsmentioned Proc. 60,37
set,Feb.1938 (Proc.59,xxvi) pr.Feb.1939Cecil2ndJ. N. AtkinsonLarge farms and smallholdingsmentioned Proc. 60,37
set,Feb.1938 (Proc.59,xxvi) pr.Feb.1940MPyesRonald D'Oyly GoodThe old roads of Dorset1st ed. Dorchester: Longmans,1940; 2nd revised and extended ed. Bournemouth: Commin,1966; both D:388.1; copy of 1st ed. at Box: DS:Roads: item 8; detailed supplement, Dorset History Centre, D.606
pr.Feb.1941CecilyesG. H. AtkinsonPloughing up old grassland in wartimementioned Proc. 62,23
pr.Feb.1941Cecil£1D. GreenPloughing up old grassland in wartimementioned Proc. 62,23
set,Feb.1941 (Proc.62,21) pr.Feb.1942MPyesV. F. M. OliverThe external and internal appearance and contents of churches in rural deaneries of Dorsetmentioned Proc. 63,23
set,Feb.1942 (Proc.63,23) pr.Feb.1943Cecilnoneno entriesDorset Horn and Down sheepmentioned Proc. 64,10
set,Feb.1942 (Proc.63,23) pr.Feb.1944MPyesR. G. BartelotVanished medieval castles of DorsetProc. 66,65-75 (abridged), mentioned Proc. 65,29
rec.1944 pr.Feb.1945CecilyesRobert DouchThe Dorset village of the futurementioned Proc. 66,10
rec.1944 pr.Feb.1945Cecil2ndJoan KellawayThe Dorset village of the futurementioned Proc. 66,10
rec.1944 pr.Feb.1945CecilcommendedDorcas GillThe Dorset village of the futurementioned Proc. 66,10
rec.1944 pr.Feb.1945CecilcommendedMarjorie NicholsThe Dorset village of the futurementioned Proc. 66,10
rec.1944 pr.Feb.1945CecilcommendedDorothy WilcoxThe Dorset village of the futurementioned Proc. 66,10
rec.1945 pr.Feb.1946MPyesHazel GrimwoodCharminster Churchguide booklet, date 1946, Box: DP:Charminster: item 1; mentioned Proc. 67,19
set,Feb.1946 pr.Feb.1947CecilyesJ. S. W. LushEducation in Dorsetset Proc. 67,20; presented Proc. 68,24
set,Feb.1946 pr.Feb.1948MPnoneno entriesHistory of a Dorset manorset Proc. 67,20; no entries Proc. 69,22
rec.1948 pr.Feb.1949CecildividedDorothy NashHistorical events in Dorchesterno 1st prize awarded, prize divided, as stated Proc. 70,23
rec.1948 pr.Feb.1949CecildividedCatharine OakleyHistorical events in Swanageno 1st prize awarded, prize divided, as above
set,Feb.1948 pr.Feb.1950MPnoneno entriesLocal materials in Dorset buildingsset, Proc. 69,22; no entries, Proc. 71,32
rec.1950 pr.Feb.1951Cecilyes £10M. E. S. DortEnsilage on the farmmentioned Proc. 72,11
rec.1950 pr.Feb.1951Cecil2nd £5Oliver C. SalisburyEnsilage on the farmmentioned Proc. 72,11
set,1951 pr.Feb.1952MPyesHon. James W. BestAfforestation in Dorset, the case for hardwood versus softwoodsSet subject in full from a 1951 notice to members; winner mentioned Proc. 73,24
rec.1952 pr.Feb.1953MPyesC. Eve[r]leighModern methods in harvestingmentioned Proc. 74,25
set,Feb.1953 pr.Feb.1954MPyes 10gnsJoseph FowlerThe almshouse of St John, Sherborneset Proc. 74,25 as "A Dorset almshouse", mentioned Proc. 75,24
set,Feb.1953 pr.Feb.1954MP2ndPatrick MacnaghtonNapper's Mite, Dorchesterset Proc. 74,25 as "A Dorset almshouse", mentioned Proc. 75,24
rec.1954 pr.Feb.1955CecilyesChristopher Roy LeggMyxomatosisMS, Box: DS:Agriculture 2: item 30, mentioned Proc. 76,32
rec.1954 pr.Feb.1955CecilyesMargaret WorthingtonMyxomatosismentioned Proc. 76,32
rec.1955 pr.Feb.1956MPyes 12gnsArthur J. BullThe conservation and study of birdlife in DorsetProc. 79,99-103, described there as "MP essay 1955", mentioned Proc. 77,27
rec.1955 pr.Feb.1956MP2nd 6gnsMiss T. F. AlmackThe conservation and study of birdlife in Dorsetmentioned Proc. 77,27
rec.1956 pr.Feb.1957CecilyesChristopher Roy LeggTrees in country and townMS and letter, Box: DS:Forestry: item 1, mentioned Proc. 78,21
February 1957: C. D. Drew's obituary, Proc. 78,11-16
set,?1957 pr.Feb.1958MPnoneno entriesWater, wind and horse-millsmentioned Proc. 79,13
1959: AGM moved from Feb. to May; AGM reported not in Proc. 80 but in Proc. 81
rec.1958 pr.May,1959Cecilyes £5Christopher Roy LeggRecent changes in the flora and fauna of DorsetMS, Box: DP:Purbeck 1: item 21, mentioned Proc. 81,14
rec.1959 pr.May,1960MPyes £12H. S. L. DewarDorset windmills, watermills and horsemillsProc. 82,109-132, described there as "MP prize 1959"; offprint at Box: DS:Mills: item 3; mentioned Proc. 82,23
rec.1959 pr.May,1960MP2nd £6Michael John Way (of Clouds Hill)Dorset windmills, watermills and horsemillsTS, Box: DS:Mills: item 3; mentioned Proc. 82,23
May 1961: Drew memorial trust mentioned at AGM Proc. 83,17
rec.1960 pr.1961Cecilex gratia £5H. C. StoneShop fronts in Dorset erected before 1880MS, illus, marked "Received by 31 Dec 1961" (clearly an error for 1960), Box: DS:Architecture: item 3; mentioned Proc. 83,17
pr.May,1962MPnoneno entriesMigration and the Dorset faunamentioned Proc. 84,17
rec.1961 pr.May,1962Drewjt.1st £5Miss J. DexterPhotos of Dorset tollgate housesmentioned Proc. 84,17
rec.1961 pr.May,1962Drewjt.1st £5Miss A. RogersPhotos of Dorset tollgate housesmentioned Proc. 84,17
set?1962 pr.May,1963Cecilyes £20Alan PennyIcehouses in DorsetProc. 86,203-230, described there as "Cecil prize 1963"; supplementary TS, Box: DS:Icehouses: items 3, 4; mentioned Proc. 85,17
set?1962 rec.1962 pr.May,1963Cecil2nd £20Jill Rosemary BrewerIcehouses in DorsetTS 25pp, Box: DS:Icehouses: item 1; mentioned Proc. 85,17 as receiving Bronze medal
set?1962 pr.May,1963Drewnoneno entriesPhotos of Dorset schools built before 1900mentioned Proc. 85,21
set,1963 aw.1964MPnoneno entriesAEA Winfrith, effects on flora and faunamentioned Proc. 86,21
pr.May,1964Drewyes £5Jeremy Robert HowsonPhotos/sketches of horse troughsTS, photos with explanation, Box: DS:Agriculture 1: item 17, L.1971.88.1, mentioned Proc. 86,21
pr.May,1964Drew£2Julian RomanesPhotos/sketches of horse troughsMS exercise book, Box: DS:Agriculture 1: item 18, L.1971.88.2, mentioned Proc. 86,21
pr.May,1964Drew£2Martin DicksonPhotos/sketches of horse troughsmentioned Proc. 86,21
set,1964 (Proc.86,21) pr.May,1965Ceciljt 1st £20Christine BoonDorset harbours and maritime tradementioned Proc. 87,19
set,1964 (Proc.86,21) pr.May,1965Ceciljt 1st £20Judith WallisDorset harbours and maritime tradementioned Proc. 87,19
set,1964 ((Proc.86,21) pr.May,1965DrewyesJulian RomanesPhotos of milestones in DorsetMS, illus, ringbound, Box: DS:Milestones: item 2, L.1971.89.1; mentioned Proc. 87,18
set,1964 ((Proc.86,21) aw.1965DrewnoJeremy Robert HowsonPhotos of milestones in DorsetMS, photos, card cover, Box: DS:Milestones: item 3, L.1971.89.2
rec.1965 aw.1966MPyes £30 and silver medalJohn Horace LuckingRailways of Dorsetbound TS (1968), D:385, with judge's report dated Feb.1966, Box: DS:Railways 2: item 46; mentioned Proc. 88,22-23
rec.1965 aw.1966MP2nd £25 and bronze medalP. HenshawRailways of DorsetTS, illus, Box: DS:Railways 2: item 49; mentioned Proc. 88,22-23
rec.1965 aw.1966MP3rd £10 and bronze medalF. J. W. BaggsRailways of DorsetTS 49pp, Box: DS:Railways 2: item 42; mentioned Proc. 88,22-23
rec.1965 aw.1966MP4thJohn Lewis DicksonRailways of DorsetTS 18pp, figs, illus, Box: DS:Railways 2: item 44; mentioned Proc. 88,22-23
rec.1965 aw.1966Cecil (called "MP junior")yes £10 and silver medalMichael Colin WhittleRailways of DorsetMS in ring binder, illus, Box: DS:Railways 2: item 48, with judge's report dated Jan.1966; mentioned Proc. 88,22-23
rec.1965 aw.1966Cecil (called "MP junior")2ndPeter FosterRailways of DorsetMS, map, Box: DS:Railways 2: item 45, with judge's report dated Jan.1966
rec.1965 aw.1966Cecil (called "MP junior")7thC. NealeRailways of DorsetTS, Box: DS:Railways 2: item 47, "junior" written by librarian on envelope, with judge's report dated Feb. 1966
set?1965 aw.1966DrewyesPatrick MerrittRecital of a poem of Wm. Barnesmentioned Proc. 88,22
set,1966 aw.1967MPyes £30Barbara M. KerrDorset fields and their namesProc. 89,233-256; mentioned in TS of Ralph Wightman broadcast, Box: DS:Field names: item 1; mentioned Proc. 89,23
set,1966 aw.1967Drew£4 (reduced from £5)Julian RomanesDorset fords and watersplashesonly entry; mentioned Proc. 89,23
rec.1967 aw.1968MP junior£8Martin SafferyTithe barns and other barnsMS in binder, illus, Box: DS:Architecture: item 4; mentioned Proc. 90,25, only one entry
aw.1968Drewnoneno entriesPhotos of secular towersmentioned Proc. 90,25
rec.1968 aw.1969MPyes £30Margaret PearsonThe Arts and crafts of Hardy's Dorsetmentioned Proc. 91,20
rec.1968 aw.1969MP2nd, 5gnsElizabeth O. CockburnThe Arts and crafts of Hardy's Dorset"Sanders collection 1B 7"; mentioned Proc. 91,20
rec.1968 aw.1969MPnounknownThe Arts and crafts of Hardy's Dorsetthree entries are mentioned Proc. 91,20
aw.1969Drewyes £8Christopher DicksonPhotos of buildings or scenes described in the works of Hardymentioned Proc. 91,19, the only entry
set,1969 aw.1970MPnoneno entriesImpact of modern land utilisation on flora and faunamentioned Proc. 92,19-20
set,1969 aw.1970Drewnoneno entriesPhotos of six species of common birdsmentioned Proc. 92,20
rec.1970 aw.1971MPyes £30Peter W. LockDeserted medieval sites in DorsetTS, 41pp +illus, etc. Box: DA:Medieval: item 7, with accompanying letter dated Dec.1970; mentioned Proc. 93,21
rec.1970 aw.1971MP2nd £20Joan BrocklebankDeserted medieval sites in DorsetProc. 94,63-66, described there as "entered 1970"; author's copy with her notes, D:942.03; TS 15pp +illus, spring-file, Box: DA:Medieval: item 1; mentioned Proc. 93,21
rec.1970 aw.1971MP3rd £10Miss J. B. LangDeserted medieval sites in DorsetTS, 15pp +illus, Box: DA:Medieval: item 3; mentioned Proc. 93,21
set,1970 aw.1971Drewnoneno entriesPhotos of road signs from before the motor carmentioned Proc. 93,21
set,1971 (Proc.93,21) pr.Jun.1972MPyes £30Elizabeth O. CockburnThe development of stone-quarrying in DorsetTS, 54pp, illus, bound, Box: DS:Industries 4: Stone, item 3; printed, informally bound as The stone quarries of Dorset, ibid. item 2; mentioned AR1972,19
set,1971 (Proc.93,21) pr.Jun.1972MP2nd £20A. G. WaiteThe development of stone-quarrying in DorsetMS, photos, ringbound, ht.31cm, D:622.292, mentioned AR1972,19
set,1971 (AR1972,20) pr.Jun.1972Drewyes £8Christopher BelingDrawing/painting of oldest house in localitymentioned AR1972,20
set,1972 (AR1972,19) pr.Jun.1973MPyes £30Donald YoungExtraction and conservation of water in DorsetTS, 61pp +illus, spring binder, Box: DS:Water: item 5; mentioned NL,Dec.1973,3
set,1972 (AR1972,19) pr.Jun.1973MP2nd £20Lilian DiaperExtraction and conservation of water in DorsetTS, 33pp illus, ring-bound, Box: DS:Water: item 1; mentioned NL,Dec.1973,3
set,1972 (AR1972,19) pr.Jun.1973MP3rd £15Edward GoldingExtraction and conservation of water in DorsetTS, 49pp +illus, laced binding, Box: DS:Water: item 2; mentioned NL,Dec.1973,3
set,1972 (AR1972,20) pr.Jun.1973Drewyes £8Fiona GoodsonA Dorset rivermentioned NL,Dec.1973,3
set,1973 (NL,Dec.1973,3) pr.Jun.1974MPyes £30Elizabeth O. CockburnHistory of brewing in Dorsetnot in Box: DS:Industries A-B: Brewing; mentioned NL4,Dec.1974,3
set,1973 (NL,Dec.1973,4) pr.Jun.1974Drewyes £8Thomas AndersonAround the year on a farmmentioned NL4,Dec.1974,3
1975, no MP subject set; henceforth 2 years lead-time allowed, NL6,Dec.1975,11
set,1974 (NL4,Dec.1974,3) aw.Jun.1975Drewnoneno entries20 photos of a Dorset town or villagementioned NL6,Dec.1975,11; competition suspended, its future under discussion
set,1974 (NL4,Dec.1974,3) rec.1975 pr.Jun.1976MPyes £75Glanville J. DaviesDorset and the Newfoundland fisheriesProc. 101,1-5, described there as "MP prize 1975"; mentioned NL8,Dec.1976,6; map of Newfoundland, Box: DS:Industries 2(C-H): Fishing: item 5
set,1974 (NL4,Dec.1974,3) rec.1975 pr.Jun.1976MP2nd £15Elizabeth O. CockburnDorset and the Newfoundland fisheriesTS 37pp +illus, binder, annotated "MP essay 1975", Box: DS:Industries C-H: Fishing: item 4; mentioned NL8,Dec.1976,6
set,1974 (NL4,Dec.1974,3) rec.1975MPnoLilian DiaperDorset and the Newfoundland fisheriesTS 58pp +illus, binder, annotated "MP essay 1975", Box: DS:Industries 2(C-H): Fishing: item 14; mentioned as one of 4 entries, NL8,Dec.1976,6
set,1974 (NL4,Dec.1974,3) rec.1975MPnoGregory Stevens CoxDorset and the Newfoundland fisheriesTS 87pp illus, annotated "MP essay 1975", Box: DS:Industries 2(C-H): Fishing: item 13; mentioned as one of 4 entries, NL8,Dec.1976,6
June 1976: MP trustees announce no more set subjects, but original research will be required. NL8,Dec.1976,6
June 1976: Charles Drew Memorial Prize, for A level History, replaces previous competition. NL8,Dec.1976,6; NL10,Dec.1977,2
set?1975 rec.1976 pr.Jun.1977MPyes £100J. ThurleyDorset horse-drawn wagonsD:631.3735; mentioned NL10,Dec.1977,2
set?1975 rec.1976 pr.Jun.1977MPjt 2nd £25R. F. Gange (not Genge)Dorset horse-drawn wagonsTS illus, foolscap, binder, dated (?by author) "Dec.1976", Box: DS:Wagons: item 4; mentioned NL10,Dec.1977,2
set?1975 rec.1976 pr.Jun.1977MPjt 2nd (not 3rd) £25Miss J. B. LangDorset horse-drawn wagonsTS 16pp foolscap, described by author as MP essay 1976, Box: DS:Wagons: item 5; mentioned NL10,Dec.1977,2
rec.1977 pr.Jun.1978MPyes £75Dr C. J. WrigleyWilliam Barnes and the social problemProc. 99,19-27; also in Barnes collection; mentioned NL12,Dec.1978,3
rec.1977 pr.Jun.1978MP2nd £25E. C. Chaplin (not Chapman)Social structure of a Dorset village in C19 (not William Barnes and the social problem)TS mentioned as "to be added to the archives" NL12,Dec.1978,3
rec.1977 pr.Jun.1978MP3rd £10Miss L. D. JonesNeolithic stone artefactsTS mentioned as "to be added to the archives" NL12,Dec.1978,3
pr.Jun.1978Drew£40Paul BrecknellHistory A levelmentioned NL12,Dec.1978,3
rec.1978 pr.Jun.1979MP£10Shirley PercivalLytchett Matravers, a Dorset village 200 years agoTS 21pp, described by author "MP entry 1978", Box: DP:Lytchett Matravers: item 5; menntioned NL14,Dec.1979,7
June 1979: Trustees announce that in future there may be 2 [MP] prizes, NL14,Dec.1979,7
pr.Jun.1979Drew£40Paula EndacottHistory A levelmentioned NL14,Dec.1979,7
rec.1979 pr.Jun.1980MP1yes £100 and grant towards publicationAnne HorsfallChanges in the habitats of Dorset flora since 1931Proc. 101,121-132, described there as "MP prize 1979"; other parts 102,83-84 103,115-116 104,147-148 106,97-98 108,157-158; mentioned NL16,Dec.1980,5
rec.1979 pr.Jun.1980MP2£30 (for two papers)Eric M. GarrettThe school at Bradford AbbasTS 25pp, Box: DP:Bradford Abbas: item 3; mentioned NL16,Dec.1980,5
rec.1979 pr.Jun.1980MP2£30 (for two papers)Eric M. GarrettA man of the village [Harry James Gillham, Bradford Abbas]TS 8pp, Box: DP:Bradford Abbas: item 4; mentioned NL16,Dec.1980,5
rec.1979 pr.Jun.1980MP2£10H. S. PoolePowerstockmentioned NL16,Dec.1980,5
rec.1979 pr.Jun.1980MP2£10Mrs D. PayneCharlton Marshallmentioned NL16,Dec.1980,5
rec.1979 pr.Jun.1980MP2nounknownunknowna fifth entry mentioned NL16,Dec.1980,5
pr.Jun.1980Drew£40Penelope NewmanHistory A levelmentioned NL16,Dec.1980,5
rec.1980 pr.Jun.1981MPjt 1st £25John Campbell-KeaseThe place names of Hazelbury BryanTS thumb-indexed, ringbound, "first pub. by the author 1980, copyright DNHAS 1981", kept next to Box: DP:Hazelbury Bryan,; mentioned NL18,Dec.1981,5
rec.1980 pr.Jun.1981MPjt 1st £25P. JonesLocal history of Frome St Quintinunknown; mentioned NL18,Dec.1981,5; cf. Richard E. Jones, below
rec.1980 pr.Jun.1981MPjt 1st £25R. L. C. WoodChanges in the county boundaryTS 30pp +map, Box: DS:Local government: item 4; mentioned NL18,Dec.1981,5
rec.1980 pr.Jun.1981MP2nd £10F. R. L. BathThornford (not Cornford), a vanishing hamletTS 6pp +photos, annotated "MP and Cecil essay 1982", Box: DP:Bishops Caundle: item 1; mentioned NL18,Dec.1981,5
pr.Jun.1981Drew£40 in booksMartin ThompsonHistory A levelmentioned NL18,Dec.1981,5
rec.1981 pr.Jun.1982MPyes £100 and £250 towards publicationDavid VinerWimborne-Puddletown Turnpike TrustProc. 104,25-32, described there as "MP prize essay 1982"; offprint at Box: DS:Roads: item 29; mentioned NL20,Dec.1982,6
rec.1981 pr.Jun.1982MP2nd £75Bernard JonesWilliam Barnes' poetry and publishing historyBarnes collection; mentioned NL20,Dec.1982,6
rec.1981 pr.Jun.1982MP3rd £35S. C. S. BrownJames Dale of Glanvilles WootonDORCM L.1985.456, in natural history manuscript collection, housed (2015) in herbarium; mentioned NL20,Dec.1982,6
rec.1981 pr.Jun.1982MP4th £15A. MisterFrom public house to place of worship?; mentioned NL20,Dec.1982,6
pr.Jun.1982Drew£40 in booksRoderick MossHistory A levelmentioned NL20,Dec.1982,6
rec.1982 pr.Jun.1983MP1jt 1st £75John Campbell-KeaseSearch for an 11th cent. village name [Hazelbury Bryan]Proc. 105,13-14, described there as "MP essay 1983"; mentioned NL22,Dec.1983,4
rec.1982 pr.Jun.1983MP1jt 1st £75Benjamin G. CoxFormer endowed schools of Blandford ForumProc. 105,5-12; mentioned NL22,Dec.1983,4
rec.1982MP1no5 othersunknownfive other entries mentioned NL22,Dec.1983,4
rec.1982 pr.Jun.1983MP2£25Jean CoullPimperne, the story so farTS 8pp +map, annotated "MP essay 1977"(!), Box: DP:Pimperne: item 1; mentioned NL22,Dec.1983,4
rec.1982 pr.Jun.1983MP2£25Mary PostonVietnamese boat people in BridportTS 6pp, dated by author Dec.1982, Box: DP:Bridport 5: item 205; mentioned NL22,Dec.1983,4
pr.Jun.1983Drew£40Virginia BaumannHistory A levelmentioned NL22,Dec.1983,4
rec.1983 pr.Jun.1984MP1yes £100Jeremy HarteFolklore of archaeological sites in DorsetCuckoo pounds and singing barrows, DNHAS, 1986, D:398; mentioned NL24,Dec.1984,11
rec.1983 pr.Jun.1984MP12nd £50Joan BrocklebankThe Dollings of Dunshay, Worth MatraversTS, illus, maps, dated 1983, D:WOR (oversize); mentioned NL24,Dec.1984,11
rec.1983 pr.Jun.1984MP13rd £25John Campbell-KeaseTowards the origins of a Dorset village, Hazelbury Bryanprinted 8pp +maps, card cover, 4 copies, annotated "MP essay for 1983", Box: DP:Hazelbury Bryan: item 8; mentioned NL24,Dec.1984,11
rec?1983 (so Dickson)MP1?noRichard E. JonesEffects of enclosure and development of 19th cent. communications, Frome St QuintinTS 61pp illus, annotated "c.1975" and also "MP essay for 1983", Box: DP:Frome St Quintin: item 1; not mentioned NL24,Dec.1984,11; may be the same as P. Jones, above
rec.1983 pr.Jun.1984MP2noneno entriesNL24,Dec.1984,11
pr.Jun.1984Drew£40Dylan EvansHistory A levelmentioned NL24,Dec.1984,11
rec.1984 pr.Jun.1985MP 1 and 2noneno entriesNL26,Dec.1985; Dickson says "1984 MP no entry", no mention NL26,Dec.1985
pr.Jun.1985Drew£20Emma MitchellHistory A levelmentioned NL26,Dec.1985,1
pr.Jun.1985Drew£20Richard MorrisHistory A levelmentioned NL26,Dec.1985,1
rec.1985 pr.Jun.1986MP1yes £200M. J. FlamePoor Law administration in Poole 1835-1845Proc. 108,19-25, described there as "MP prize 1986"; TS 18pp with undated accompanying letter, Box: DP:Poole 2: item 70; mentioned NL28,Dec.1986,1
rec.1985 pr.Jun.1986MP12ndLaurence Keen and Charlotte LindgrenEngravings of William BarnesDNHAS, 1986; also in Barnes collection; mentioned NL28,Dec.1986,1
rec.1985 pr.Jun.1986MP13rd £50Karen Read (Mrs K. Lewenden)The transition and decline of local singing stylesTS, ht.32cm, with cassette tape, D:781.62; mentioned NL28,Dec.1986,1 as to be summarised in Proc. but not found in cumulative index
rec.1985 pr.Jun.1986MP1noAlan PennyI'm sorry there's no icehouseIcehouses in Dorset, a supplement Proc.108,199; mentioned NL28,Dec.1986,1
rec.1985 pr.Jun.1986MP1noChristopher HolleyoakWeymouth in spring/summer 1914TS 52pp, dissertation College of St Mark and St John, April 1985; annotated on library envelope "MP essay 1985"; Box: DP:Weymouth 1, item 107, L.1987.380; mentioned NL28,Dec.1986,1
rec.1985 pr.Jun.1986MP2£25Mrs C. SteelRingmoormentioned NL28,Dec.1986,1
rec.1985 pr.Jun.1986MP2£25Mrs S. DennyDuck Street, Hiltonmentioned NL28,Dec.1986,1
pr.Jun.1986Drew£40Susan Adlam-HillHistory A levelmentioned NL28,Dec.1986,1
rec.1986 pr.Jun.1987MP1yes £250R. MorrisDorset by-election 1831Proc.109,5; mentioned NL30,Dec.1987,2
rec.1986 pr.Jun.1987MP12nd £100Mrs Irene Jones and Mr R. E. G. JonesWestminster Estate cottages, Stalbridge?; mentioned NL30,Dec.1987,2
rec.1986 pr.Jun.1987MP2£50Miss M. W. ThompsonMemoirs of Lady Grogan of Binghams Melcombe?; mentioned NL30,Dec.1987,2
rec.1986 pr.Jun.1987MP2£50Frank BrownWithout honour (development of Stinsford Corner)TS 12pp and covering letter Dec.1986, Box: DB:H:Hardy: item 5; mentioned NL30,Dec.1987,2
rec.1986MP 1 or 2noat least 1 other entrymentioned NL30,Dec.1987,2
pr.Jun.1987Drew£40Andrew WoodHistory A levelmentioned NL30,Dec.1987,2
rec.1987 pr.Jun.1988MPyes £250F. C. HoptonThe 1830 parliamentary election in ShaftesburyProc. 110,23-28, described there as "MP essay 1988"; mentioned NL32,Dec.1988,1
rec.1987 pr.Jun.1988MP2nd £100S. C. S. BrownA biographical account of some Dorset entomologistsProc. 110,1-16, described there as "MP essay 1988"; mentioned NL32,Dec.1988,1
pr.Jun.1988Drewnoneno worthy gradeHistory A levelmentioned NL32,Dec.1988,1
rec.1988 pr.Jun.1989MP and Cecilnone"trustees have not awarded prizes"NL34,Dec.1989,7 without further explanation; E. Dickson's list agrees
pr.Jun.1989Drew£50Timothy SharmanHistory A levelmentioned NL34,Dec.1989,7
rec.1989 pr.Jun.1990MPyes £200Anne Hosford (not Horsford)The Bulbarrow turnpike and the PortmansTS 9pp +maps etc, 2 copies, Dec.1989; also revised ed. 13pp +maps etc, 1991; Box: DS:Roads: item 22; mentioned NL36,Dec.1990,1
pr.Jun.1990Drew£50Alison HulmesHistory A levelmentioned NL36,Dec.1990,1
pr.Jun.1990Drew£25Simon HaighHistory A levelmentioned NL36,Dec.1990,1
rec.1990 pr.Jun.1991MPyes £300Nancy ArmstrongThe stained glass windows of St Mary's Church, Sturminster NewtonText and photographs, separately ring-bound, ht.27cm, D:748.5 (oversize); mentioned NL38,Dec.1991,2
rec.1990 pr.Jun.1991MP2nd £200Harry JohnstonA way of lifeTS, illus, ht.30cm, D:942.33; mentioned NL38,Dec.1991,2
rec.1990 pr.Jun.1991MPjt 3rd £100Eric M. GarrettBradford Abbas in the 19th centuryTS 57pp undated, Box: DP:Bradford Abbas: item 6; mentioned NL38,Dec.1991,2
rec.1990 pr.Jun.1991MPjt 3rd £100Elinor MurphyAnglo-Saxon origins of Shaftesbury AbbeyProc. 113,23-32; TS 40pp, spring binder, dated by author Dec.1990 rev.1991, Box: DS:Abbeys: item 5 (formerly item 7); mentioned NL38,Dec.1991,2
rec.1990 pr.Jun.1991MPjt 3rd £100E. R. (Ted) WardFreddie Guest and the East Dorset constituencyTS 36pp +photos, undated, annotated on library envelope "MP essay 1990", Box: DS:Politics: County Divisions: item 8; mentioned NL38,Dec.1991,2
rec.1990 pr.Jun.1991MP£50Rosemary HunterNeptune's flagship: Enterprise Neptune in DorsetTS 28pp, dated Dec.1990, Box: DP:Conservation 2: item 27; mentioned NL38,Dec.1991,2
rec.1990 pr.Jun.1991MP£50Patricia SpoonerLulworth Cove Heritage CentreTS 18pp illus, dated Nov.1990, Box: DP:Lulworth 1: item 25; mentioned NL38,Dec.1991,2
rec.1990 pr.Jun.1991MP£50B. CoxThe former Manor of Dame Marie (Damory) at BlandfordTS 12pp incl.maps, Box: DP:Blandford 2: item 67; mentioned NL38,Dec.1991,2
pr.Jun.1991Drew£50Emma LoveridgeHistory A levelmentioned NL38,Dec.1991,2
pr.Jun.1991Drew£25Simon HaighHistory A levelmentioned NL38,Dec.1991,2
rec.1991 pr.Jun.1992MP2yes £100Philip TempleThe macro-invertebrates of fourteen West Dorset pondsProc. 114,221-226; TS 19pp, with referee's letter Apr.1992, Box: DS:Natural History 3: item 46; mentioned NL40,Dec.1992,8
rec?1991MP?Anita LlewellynInns in ShaftesburyTS 17pp +4pp illus., undated, Box: DP:Shaftesbury 4: item 106, annotated on library envelope "MP essay 1991"
pr.Jun.1992Drew£50Melanie KempHistory A levelmentioned NL40,Dec.1992,8
pr.Jun.1992Drew£50John TilsleyHistory A levelmentioned NL40,Dec.1992,8
June 1992: Very brief history of MP, Cecil and Drew trusts and prizes by C. J. Bailey, NL40,Dec.1992,7-8
rec.1992 pr.Jun.1993MP1yes £250Irene JonesThe Stalbridge estate 1780-1854TS, illus, spiral-bound, ht.30cm (1992), D:STA; mentioned AR1993,16*; see background
rec.1992 pr.Jun.1993MP12nd £150N. G. WilkinsQuakers in Ryme IntrinsecaProc. 116,142-143; mentioned AR1993,16*
rec.1992 pr.Jun.1993MP2special awardWendy MaletOperation Bypass (A303)TS, illus, ring-bound (1993), D:388.109; mentioned AR1993,16*
rec.1992 pr.Jun.1993MPnoG. D. SquibbElizabeth Ham in the West CountryTS 19pp A3 and author's copious notes, Box: DB:HA: item Ham 1, L.1992.610
rec.1992 pr.Jun.1993MPno3 other entriesmentioned AR1993,16*
pr.Jun.1993Drew£75George HorsingtonHistory A levelmentioned AR1993,16*
pr.Jun.1993Drew£25Miss S. CooperHistory A levelmentioned AR1993,16*
rec.1993 pr.Jun.1994MP1yes £500Anne HorsfallAncient woodland in DorsetTS in 3 binders, Box: DS:Forestry: item 9, annotated on library envelope "MP essay 1993", L.1994.533; cf. Proc. 119,59-64; mentioned AR1994,25*
rec.1993 pr.Jun.1994MP1jt 2nd £350Christine M. AndersonPrinters and printing in Dorchester before C20TS 32pp +illus, annotated on library envelope "MP essay 1993", Box: DS:Industries 3: Printing: item 1; mentioned AR1994,25*
rec.1993 pr.Jun.1994MP1jt 2nd £350D. Margaret H. ReebyWeymouth's Spas: Nottington and RadipoleProc. 116,33-44, described there as "a MP prize essay 1994"; also TS ii+52pp, Box: DP:Weymouth 3: item 231, annotated on library envelope "MP competition 1, 1993"; mentioned AR1994,25*
rec.1993 pr.Jun.1994MP2jt 1st £100Michael J. HickmanDials in DorsetTS 21pp illus, with covering letter Nov.1993, Box: DS:Clocks: item 9; mentioned AR1994,25*
rec.1993 pr.Jun.1994MP2jt 1st £100Geoffrey NightingaleBeech Farm, WarmwellTS, maps, ring-bound, ht.31cm (1993), D:WAR; also Box: DS:Agriculture 3: item 20, not found 2012-03-13; mentioned AR1994,25*
pr.Jun.1994Drew??History A levelAR1994,25* names same two winners as in June 1993, obvious error!
rec.1994 pr.Jun.1995MP1noneno worthy entries"standard insufficient to warrant an award" AR1995,28*
rec.1994 pr.Jun.1995MP2yesJames M. AndersonDairy farming in the Blackmore Vale 1948-1968TS 24pp, with letter Nov.1994 entering it in MP "Section 2", Box: DP:Blackmore Vale: item 3; mentioned AR1995,28*
rec.1994 pr.Jun.1995MP2jt 2ndTara Syeda HansfordA piece of landscapeTS 72pp, with letter May,1995 informing of award, Box: DS:Ecology: item 8; mentioned AR1995,28*
rec.1994 pr.Jun.1995MP2jt 2ndPhilip TempleWest Dorset ponds 1960-1990TS 13pp +tables,figures, with covering letter Dec.1994, and handwritten note on that switching the entry from comp.1 to comp.2, Box: DS:Natural History 3: item 48; mentioned AR1995,28*
June 1995: Drew trustees repeat their continuing support for History A level prize, without naming winners, AR1995,28*
rec.1995 pr.Jun.1996MP1yesEric M. GarrettBradford Abbas, changes in the twentieth centuryTS (1995), D:BRA (oversize); mentioned AR1996,35
rec.1995 pr.Jun.1996MP1jt 2nd £100Denis ShawClergy evicted from their livings during the CommonwealthTS 13pp ringbound, with letter May,1996 informing of award £100, Box: DS:Religion: item 11; mentioned AR1996,35
rec.1995 pr.Jun.1996MP1jt 2nd £100Michael J. HickmanAdmiralty shutter telegraph, the Dorset stations, a 1995 reviewTS 23pp in binder, Box: DS:Military 1: item 36; mentioned AR1996,35
rec.1995 pr.Jun.1996MP2£100Rosemary H. HunterThe National Trust 1895-1995: South Dorset Assn's first yearTS 2pp and many photos, with letter May 1996 confirming prize, Box: DS:Conservation 2: item 43; mentioned AR1996,35
June 1996: Drew trustees intend to present two History A level prizes each year instead of one as hitherto, AR1996,35
rec.1996 pr.Jun.1997MP1yesJames RattueThe Downland parish: Gussage All Saints in the 17th cent.Proc. 119,1-18 (pub.1998); TS, Box: DP:Gussage All Saints: item 3, annotated on library envelope "MP 1996 1st pr. comp.1"; mentioned AR1997,33
rec.1996 pr.Jun.1997MP12ndGwen YarkerA Victorian's view of Dorset: the life and watercolours of Henry Joseph MouleDNHAS 1997; TS spiral-bound, Box: DS:Art 1: item 35, annotated on library envelope "MP 1996 2nd pr. comp.1"; mentioned AR1997,33
rec.1996 pr.Jun.1997MP2commendedCecil F. AmorStone circles of West DorsetTS 22pp, Box: DA:Prehistoric 2: items 39,40 (2 copies), item 39 with covering letter from author Dec.1996; mentioned AR1997,33
pr.Jun.1997DrewyesEmma McCormackHistory A levelmentioned AR1997,33
rec.1997 pr.July,1998MP1Highly commendedAlan PennyDesign of the portcullis defences in the gatehouses at Corfe CastleTS 15pp +7figs, Box: DP:Corfe Castle 1: item 29, library envelope annotated "MP 1997 1st pr. comp.1"; mentioned as "highly commended" AR1998,42
rec.1997 pr.July,1998MP2jt 1stCecil F. AmorThe nonconformist Taylors of BridportTS 26pp, Box: DB:TA-TI:Taylor: item not numbered, library envelope annotated "MP 1997 jt 1st prize comp.2"; mentioned AR1998,42
rec.1997 pr.Jul.1998MP2jt 1stRosemary H. HunterThe two years' idyll: Hardy and Emma at Riverside, Sturminster Newton 1876-1878TS illus. 15pp dated Dec.1997, Box: DB:H:Hardy: item 6; mentioned AR1988,42
pr.Jul.1998DrewyesMichael CordyHistory A levelmentioned AR1998,43
rec.1998 pr.Jun.1999MP1yesFrancis J. MurphyLyme Regis: trade and population 1575-17251999, Proc. 120,1-17; TS 36pp, Box: DP:Lyme Regis 3: item 94, lib. envelope annotated "MP 1st pr. comp.1 1998"; mentioned AR1999,48
rec.1998 pr.Jun.1999MP12ndG. A. ChesterIdentification of four casts of the heads of men hanged in Dorchester2001, Proc. 122,45-51; TS 17pp +illus, Box: DS:Crime: item 8, lib. envelope annotated "MP comp.1 2nd pr. 1998"; mentioned AR1999,48
rec.1998 pr.Jun.1999MP13rdE. P. JohnsonPress gangs in Dorset (with 3 photos)TS undated 9pp +3 photos, Box: DS:Shipping 1: item 22; mentioned AR1999,48
rec.1998 pr.Jun.1999MP2yesEileen DicksonThe Scout movement in Dorchester 1909-1985MS, ht.30cm, D:DOR; mentioned AR1999,48
June 1999: trustees invite essays on "Christianity in Dorset" for next issue of Proceedings, AR1999,48-49
pr.Jun.1999DrewyesJacqueline PotterHistory A levelmentioned AR1999,49 as "Best Historian of the Year"
rec.1999 pr.Jun.2000MP1not awardedmentioned AR2000,33
rec.1999 pr.Jun.2000MP2yesRosemary H. HunterDuke of Edinburgh's visit to Chesil Beach CentreTS 6pp incl.illus. encapsulated, dated Dec.1999, annotated on envelope "winner for 1999", Box: DP:Chesil Beach: item 20; mentioned AR2000,33
pr.Jun.2000DrewyesClaire PriceHistory A levelmentioned AR2000,34
pr.Jun.2000DrewyesHuw MooreHistory A levelmentioned AR2000,34
rec.2000 pr.Jun.2001MP1not awarded"few entries"mentioned AR2001,36
rec.2000 pr.Jun.2001MP2yesEileen DicksonVillage Scout groups in the Dorchester district 1924-2000D:DOR; mentioned AR2001,36
pr.Jun.2001DrewyesStuart MounceHistory A levelmentioned AR2001,36
pr.Jun.2001DrewyesGlyn CraskarthHistory A levelmentioned AR2001,36
rec.2001 pr.Jun.2002MP1yesJo DraperAgricultural riots of 1830Proc.124,21-34; mentioned AR2002,42
rec.2001 pr.Jun.2002MP1Highly commendedG. A. ChesterBridal pregnancy custom at Portland in 18th-19th centuriesTS 25pp undated, Box: Portland 3: item 227, L.2002.1038, annotated (wrongly) on envelope "Prize comp.2"; mentioned AR2002,42
rec.2001 pr.Jun.2002MP2yesDavid JamesHistory of Waddon near PorteshamTS 11pp, dated in pencil "2001", Box: DP:Portesham: item 10; mentioned AR2002,42
rec.2001 pr.Jun.2002MP2Highly commendedRosemary H. HunterBicentenary of William BarnesBarnes collection; mentioned AR2002,42
pr.Jun.2002DrewyesThomas HorsingtonHistory A levelmentioned AR2002,42
pr.Jun.2002DrewyesBenjamin VincentHistory A levelmentioned AR2002,42
rec.2002 pr.Jun.2003MP1 and MP2noneno entriesAR2003,40
June 2003: trustees announce "focus" of next competition to be "Jurassic Coast" and 1st prize £1000; AR2003,40
?2002MP?Jo Draper".. Acts of oppression by .. Christians in 1874"TS c.50pp, Box: DS:Social history: item 12
pr.Jun.2003DrewyesTim HillHistory A levelmentioned AR2003,40
pr.Jun.2003DrewyesEleanor RogersHistory A levelmentioned AR2003,40
rec.2003 pr.Jun.2004MP1jt 1stMichael G. MorrisThe weevils of the Dorset coastProc. 126,85-109, described there as "MP prize 2003"; mentioned AR2004,41
rec.2003 pr.Jun.2004MP1jt 1stGlanville J. DaviesPrivateers and prizes 1775-1815Proc. 126,1-6, described there as "MP essay 2003"; mentioned AR2004,41
rec.2003 pr.Jun.2004MP2Highly commendedCecil F. AmorReligious factions in DorsetTS 17pp, Box: DS:Religion: item 30 with library label "MP essay 2003"; mentioned AR2004,41
rec.2003 pr.Jun.2004MP2Highly commendedSusan DeanJames Brown, Purbeck quarryman?; mentioned AR2004,41
June 2004: trustees repeat "focus" to be "Jurassic Coast" again for current comp., and refer to anniversaries in 2005; AR2004,41
pr.Jun.2004DrewyesAnna MorganHistory A levelmentioned AR2004,41
pr.Jun.2005MP1noneno entriesAR2005,27
rec.2004 pr.Jun.2005MP2yesT. W. JestyWatercress in DorsetProc. 127,31-36; TS 9pp dated 2004, Box: DS:Industries 5(T-Z): Watercress: item 1; mentioned AR2005,27
rec.2004 pr.Jun.2005MP2yesEdward NormanThe Monastery of ShaftesburyTS 17pp undated, Box: DP:Shaftesbury 1: item 5, annotated on envelope "MP essay 2004"; mentioned AR2005,27
pr.Jun.2005DrewyesHarriet ShawHistory at Thomas Hardye schoolmentioned AR2005,27
pr.Jun.2005DrewyesKate LehaneHistory at Thomas Hardye schoolmentioned AR2005,27
pr.Jun.2005DrewyesSui Lin AllanHistory at Thomas Hardye schoolmentioned AR2005,27
rec.Jan.2006 pr.Jun.2006MP1yesJudith FordBlack slaves in Dorset2006, Proc. 127,13-20; TS with covering letter Jan.2006, Box: DS:Social History: item 13; mentioned AR2006,31
rec.2005 pr.Jun.2006MP2yesRosemary H. HunterWreck of the Abergavenny and death of Capt. John WordsworthTS illus 21pp, dated Dec.2005, pencilled "Comp.2", Box: Shipping 2: item 36; mentioned AR2006,31
pr.Jun.2006DrewyesElizabeth CrawfordHistory at Thomas Hardye schoolmentioned AR2006,31
pr.Jun.2006DrewyesLaurel BurnHistory at Thomas Hardye schoolmentioned AR2006,31
rec.2006 pr.Jun.2007MP1yes £1000David ReeveThe decline of Holt Forest in the 17th centuryProc. 129,1-16; mentioned AR2007,31
rec?2006MPnoMerlin EvansWives for missionaries: Rhode Hill School of Domestic Science in 1964TS 9pp undated, Box: DS:Social History: item 16, annotated on envelope "MP essay 2006"
pr.Jun.2007DrewyesSarah LewisHistory A levelmentioned AR2007,31
pr.Jun.2007DrewyesWilliam EspensenHistory A levelmentioned AR2007,31
rec.2007 pr.Jun.2008MP1yesJohn C. TravellThe Thomas Hardy Players and the Dorchester Debating SocietyProc. 130,167-174; mentioned AR2008,29
June 2008: silver medals "which used to form the sole prizes" will be awarded with cash prizes till stock exhausted: AR2008,29
pr.Jun.2008DrewyesHugh ShoneHistory A levelmentioned AR2008,29
pr.Jun.2008DrewyesMatthew HarrisHistory A levelmentioned AR2008,29
rec.2008 pr.July,2009MPjt 1stMark ForrestThe Black Death in DorsetProc. 131,3-13, mentioned UM2009,1
?rec.2009? pr.July,2009MPjt 1stMartin AyresFrom poorhouse to workhouse?Proc. 131,65-78, mentioned UM2009,1
pr.July,2009MPjt 1stAlan PennyKing John's hunting lodges in Forest of Bere?, mentioned UM2009,1
pr.July,2009MPjt 1stCatherine SimmondsInfluence of Wm. Crowe's poetry on Coleridge and Wordsworth?, mentioned UM2009,1
pr.July,2009DrewyesRuby BushHistory A levelmentioned UM2009,1
pr.July,2009DrewyesKieron O'DonoghueHistory A levelmentioned UM2009,1
pr.July,2009DrewyesAlex TimperlyHistory A levelmentioned UM2009,1
?rec.2010? pr.Jun.2010MPyesSteve FraserThe Dorchester Town Library 1631Proc. 132,21-37, mentioned UM2010,1
pr.Jun.2010DrewyesKelly DeremauxHistory A levelmentioned UM2010,1
pr.Jun.2010DrewyesMichaela TyeHistory A levelmentioned UM2010,1
pr.Jun.2011MPyesA. J. BladBloxworth in the 17th centurymentioned UM2011,3
pr.Jun.2011MPyesCecil AmorShipbuilding in Bridport harbourmentioned UM2011,3
pr.Jun.2011DrewyesPhilippa LewisHistory A levelmentioned UM2011,3
pr.Jun.2011DrewyesEmily SmithHistory A levelmentioned UM2011,3
pr.Jun.2012MPyesSteve FraserDorchester's classroom wars 1840-1880Proc. 134,143-156
pr.Jun.2012MPyesJill MinchinLater 19th cent. Dorchester Evangelical rectorsProc. 134, 128-142
pr.Jun.2012MPyesGwen YarkerIdentity of Tom Roberts' pastel portrait of a girlProc. 133,55-63
pr.Jun.2012MPno2 entries excluded because of insufficient Dorset relevanceUM2012, para.7
pr.Jun.2012DrewyesMichael ActonHistory A levelUM2012, para.7
pr.Jun.2012DrewyesRobert GrassbyHistory A levelUM2012, para.7
pr.Sep.2013MPyesSteve FraserEducational development in Dorchester in the 17th centurymentioned at AGM 2013
pr.Sep.2013DrewyesHetty van HensbergenHistory A levelmentioned at AGM 2013
pr.Sep.2013DrewyesNicola SharpeHistory A levelmentioned at AGM 2013
pr.Sep.2014MP1yesDavid CucksonDorchester's Great Stink: How Dorchester's new sewage works caused a nuisancementioned at AGM 2014
pr.Sep.2014MP1yesPeter LaurieRoman military roads in Dorset, the Portage and a Roman culvertmentioned at AGM 2014
pr.Sep.2014MP2yesSteve Fraser2 short papers: Aspiring gentry, the Hardye family in Dorset 1540-1620; and To enlarge the simple beginning, Protestants and Protestant philanthropy in Dorchester 1558-1610mentioned at AGM 2014
pr.Sep.2014MPnoJill MinchinA Victorian Sunday: the 1851 religious census and the Dorchester returning areamentioned at AGM 2014
pr.Sep.2014MPnoAlan PennyMediaeval Purbeck 1066-1400, a defended gateway to Englandmentioned at AGM 2014
pr.Sep.2014DrewyesHelen CarterHistory A levelmentioned at AGM 2014
pr.Sep.2014DrewyesJoanne YoungHistory A levelmentioned at AGM 2014
pr.Oct.2015MP2yesSteve FraserTwo portraits and a tomb-chest: the Brownes of Frampton and their historiesmentioned at AGM 2015
pr.Oct.2015DrewyesNatasha BaileyHistory A levelmentioned at AGM 2015
pr.Oct.2015DrewyesEleanor MullinHistory A levelmentioned at AGM 2015
pr.Sep.2016MPyesGordon BartletThe Dorset County Museum barrel organProc. 137, 7-17
pr.Sep.2016DrewyesKatharine NeameHistory A levelmentioned at AGM 2016
pr.Sep.2016DrewyesAmy SteadmanHistory A levelmentioned at AGM 2016
pr.Sep.2017MPno entries
pr.Sep.2017DrewyesSarah MottHistory A levelmentioned at AGM 2017

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